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  1. Office of City Judge

  2. Election on Sales and Use Tax

  3. Rate Schedules for Texas Power and Light

  4. John Tatum Garbage Franchise

  5. Designating Streets or Alleys

  6. Rate Schedule for Texas Power and Light

  7. Vernon’s Texas Civil Statues (Population)

  8. Office of City Marshall

  9. Office of City Secretary

  10. Office of City Treasurer

  11. Office of City Assessor-Collector

  12. Office of City Attorney

  13. Office of City Engineer

  14. Arson Award Ordinance

  15. Rate Schedule for Texas Power and Light

  16. John Tatum Garbage Permit

  17. 1% City Sales Tax

  18. Prohibiting of Cutting, Ditching, ECT……. City Streets

  19. Change of Speed Limits in City Limits

  20. Amending Traffic Ordinance Speed Limit at School Zone

  21. Maximum Speed Limits in Certain Areas (Highway 63)

  22. Maximum Speed Limits in Certain Areas (Highway 69 and Highway 147)

  23. Revision of Rates for Texas Power and Light

  24. Prohibiting the Use of Firearms in the City Limits

  25. Rate Schedule for Texas Power and Lights

  26. Unlawful Gathering of Two or More People (City Council)

  27. Annexation of Ray Lake Estates

  28. Public Utility Commission

  29. Alleyway Between First Baptist Church and Jean Pickard

  30. Collection of Solid Waste

  31. Street Speed Limits

  32. TXDOT Highway Maintenance Agreement



  35. Cable Franchise

  36. Four Square Gas

  37. Fair Housing

  38. Zavalla Water Control & Improvement District

  39. Minimum Standards for Buildings

  40. TMRS

  41. Maximum Speeds for Highway 63

  42. Physical Addresses

  43. Records Management

  44. Alleyway Between Charles Craven and Patty Byrd

  45. Drug and Alcohol Policy

  46. Service Credits

  47. Amendment for Existing Franchise Between City and Texas Utilities

  48. Pouland Street and Alleyway

  49. Reading of Ordinances

  50. Animal Control

  51. TMRS

  52. Emergency Management

  53. Telephone Company (e.i right of way, facilities, etc.)


  55. Emergency Management

  56. Tax & Sewer Surplus Revenue

  57. Requirement to Connect to Sewer System

  58. TMRS Active Credits


  60. Bond on Sewer System

  61. Amended Water System Connections

  62. Loud, Disturbing, & Unnecessary Noises

  63. TMRS Service Credits

  64. Alleyway in-between Charles Craven and Patty Byrd on Main Street

  65. Setting Rates on Water and Sewer

  66. ONCOR Electric Franchise

  67. Flood Damage Prevention

  68. Police Force for Type A General Law Municipality

  69. Changing Name from Carter Drive to Carter Road

  70. Property Tax (Homestead of People 65 and Older) 

  71. Sanitary Control

  72. Certificates of Obligation, Series 2004

  73. Hazard Mitigation Action Plan

  74. TMRS

  75. National Incident Management System

  76. Rules and Regulations Regarding Sanitation and Pollution Control of Areas

  77. Municipal Court’s Security and Technology Fund

  78. Hours and Operations of the City Park


  80. Hazard Mitigation Action Plan

  81. Setting Rates on Water and Sewer and Repeal of all Inconsistent Order

  82. Setting Weight Limits on City Streets

  83. TMRS

  84. Setting Limit of People in City Meeting Room


  86. Regulating Alcohol Sales

  87. Prohibiting Bee Harboring Operations



  90. TMRS

  91. Setting Rates for Water and Sewer

  92. Public Information Act

  93. Setting Water and Sewer Rates

  94. Good-in Transit

  95. Permitting and Inspection of Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios

  96. Permitting and Inspection of Tanning Facilities

  97. Water and Sewer Rates

  98. Appointment of Judge

  99. Grinder Pump Ordinance

100. ONCOR Franchise Tax

101. Juvenile Case Manager Position and Collection JCM $5.00 Fee


103. Ordinance Regulating Recreational Vehicle Parks 

104. Operations & Policy Handbook

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