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Regular Scheduled Meeting of the City Council - Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The City of Zavalla met for a regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 6p.m. at the old City hall building located at 838 East Main Street, Zavalla, Texas 75980

Council Present were: Mayor Carlos Guzman, Council Members; Pam Hooks, Stacey Marshall and Randall Dykes. Council members absent were; Kelly Dickinson and Brenda Cox.

Guest Present were: Tom Ross, Denita Ross, Eunice Ditterline, Steve Mallory, J P Hopkins, Tom Derryberry, Debbie Denby, Rev. Bill Summers and Jimmy Cassels.

Employees present were: Waunesa Herrington, Joy Yarbrough, Clark Lowery, Judge Julie Alston and Chief Chris Wade.

Mayor Guzman called the meeting to order, established a quorum and welcomed the guest.

Brother J. P. Hopkins gave the invocation.


Open Forum: No one spoke under open forum.

Zavalla Volunteer Fire Department Report. Chris Wade gave the Zavalla Volunteer Fire Department Report. Everything is going well in the Fire Department. They had their Fish Fry and everything went well.

Discuss and possibly approve changing the fines in the Animal Ordinance. Judge Alston discussed how she thought the fines needed to be changed and make the City can make the defendant pay any expense the City incurred. Randall made the motion for the first offense for the fine to be $50 to $500 plus the cost the City incurred. Second offense be $100 to $500 plus the cost the City incurred; third offense be $200 to $500 plus the cost the City incurred. Stacy second, motion carried.

Discuss and possibly approve closing the Scholarship Account. Pam made the motion to transfer the Scholarship money to Teen Court. But this money must be ear marked for a child in Teen Court for a Zavalla Student. Randall second, motion carried.

Discuss a Spending Limit Policy; Stacy wants a spending limit for unnecessarily purchases. From small purchases to large purchases. She wants it to be put on the agenda to be discuss and possibly approved.

Discuss a Work Policy: Pam stated she wanted the items that Waunesa has a list on from a previous meeting. Waunesa read the items she had written and stated there could be items the Council wants to take out or the Council want to add or adjust, she would like it to be on next months agenda to be discuss and take action.

Discuss an Agenda Policy: Stacy would like for there to be a form that you can fill out and leave with Waunesa for what someone would like to put on the agenda.

Discuss and award Generator Grant Bid: Randall made the motion to award the Generator Bid to Payne Electric only if FEMA approves the additional amount the City is asking for. Stacey second, motion passed.


Clark/Nothing. Mayor Guzman asked Clark how the back hoe ran. Clarks said it runs well but that it needs 4 new tires and a new rim. Someone that worked for the City before his time had ruined the rim and it would need a new stud. It was a safety hazard to move it as it is. Stacey told him to go ahead and get it fixed.

Joy/Nothing. She had submitted her application to TCEQ to take the water license test. She had some addition papers she needed to fill out, stating what percentage she works in certain areas.

Chief Wade gave the Police Department report. The new police car has come in, but it will take another month before it will be ready for service. The Police Department has two grants they are working on right now. One for a body camera, BULLET is paying for that. Also, they have tickets writer with EGRANT. E Grant awarded to the Police Department is $11,000. The software will be additional $4000. The City Judge agree to pay the additional out of the Court Security and Technology fund. Chief Wade stated the Council might need to revisit the Dog Catcher for the City of Zavalla.

Waunesa read the letter Kelly Dickinson gave her stating he resigned from the Zavalla City Council as of April 9, 2019

Waunesa said the office had the vehicle registration going and that the State automatically pay the City of Zavalla a $1.00 for registering a vehicle.


Pam stated that someone told her that Chris Wade’s road was bad. She asked Chris, he said it was. She stated understood that the City messed up the road, when they put Chris’s water in. If the City messed up the road, then they need to fix it. Clark said they would. Pam asked if there was some place the City could put their Ordinances at, to where new People when they moved to Zavalla, they could look at them and know what they can do and can’t do. She stated the roads where awful. Pam stated that the Special Called Meeting the City was supposed to had, they should have had it. Because, it pertained to the Operator in Training and had the other City Council Members read the information they had been given for that meeting. Pam stated she had called TCEQ pertaining to the Operator in Training.

Stacey told Clark that they needed to get the back hoe fixed. She stated she really appreciated Clark.



Mayor Guzman stated the roads do need fixing, the ditches need mowing and cleaned.

Discuss and possibly approve February 12, 2019 minutes.

Randall made the motion to approve, Stacey second, motion carried.

Discuss and possibly approve March 12, 2019 minutes.

Pam made the motion to approve the minutes, Randall second, motion carried.

Discuss and possibly approve April 2019 bills.

Randall made the motion to pay the bills, Stacy second, motion carried.


Carlos Guzman


Waunesa Herrington

City Secretary


See the official record.


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