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Regular Scheduled Meeting of the City Council - May 14, 2019

The City of Zavalla did not meet for their regular scheduled meeting on May 14, 2019. The Mayor did not have a quorum.

Council present was Mayor Guzman, Brenda Cox and Randall Dykes. Employees present were Waunesa Herrington, Chief Chris Wade, James C Denby, and Joy Yarbrough.

Guest present were Carolyn Guzman, Loyce Lawrence, Tonja Dykes, J.P. Hopkins, Shannon Yarbrough, Steve Smith, Richard Brunk, Rev. D.W. Summers, Johnathan Summers, Lesley Sallas, Geri Carrell, Debbie Denby, Monica Weeks Larrigan, and Jeffrey Larrigan.

Geri Carrell want to speak under Open Forum about dogs at Brookshire Bros.

Carlos Guzman


Waunesa Herrington

City Secretary



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