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The Zavalla City Council will conduct it s regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the New City Hall Located at 242 E. Main Street, Zavalla, Texas 75980.


1. Call meeting to order

2. Establish a quorum

3. Welcome Guest

4. Invocation

5. Open Forum

6. Zavalla Volunteer Fire Department

7. Discuss and possibly take action for Harold Lance requested to work with City Staff to gather information to bring back bids to confirm potential savings on the City's USDA Loan.


8. Discuss and possibly take action concerning Aimee Cloutier's termination of employment.

9. Discuss and possibly approve the first reading of the RV Ordinance.

10. Discuss and possibly take action abolishing Resolution 2022-05 pertaining to Juvenile Case Manage E-Grant.

11. Discuss and possibly take action giving the Water Department permission to purchase tracks for the Mini Track.

12. Discuss and possible approve re elution to transfer money from the Security Fund into the General Fund {Resolution 2 2-6)

13. Discuss and possibly resolution appointing the Mayor and/or Mayor Pro-Tern as Council members to sign the ban statements after the bank statements are reconciled.

14. Discuss Budget

15. Discuss E-Grant

16. Discuss Inventory Policy

17. Discuss and possibly approve February 8, 2022 minutes.

18. Discuss and possibly approve February 22, 2022 minutes.

19. Discuss and possibly approve March 8, 2022 bills.

20. Staff Reports


The City of Zavalla Council reserves the right to adjourn into executive session at any time during the course of this meeting to discuss any of the matters listed below, as authorized by the Texas Government Code Sections:

a. 551.071 Consultation with City Attorney

b. 551.072 Deliberation about Real Property

c. 551.073 Deliberation about gifts and donations

d. 551.074 Personnel Matters

e. 551.075 Economic Development Matters


NOTE: Mayor and Council Reports on terms of Community Interest-Pursuant to Texas

Government Code Section 551.415, the City Council may report on the following items: (1) expression of thanks, congratulation o condolences: (2) information about holiday schedules: (3)recognition of individuals; (4) rem inners about upcoming City Council Events; (5)

information about community events; 6) announcement involving imminent threat to public health and safety.

I certify that his Notice of Meeting was posted in a glass-enclosed case in front of City Hall at 242 E. Main Street , Zavalla, Texas and available for viewing by the public on the City's website at on February 4, 2022 at 3:00 pm.

Carlos Guzman


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