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City of Zavalla Regular Called Meeting Minutes: May 12, 2020

The Zavalla City council met in regular session on May 12, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at New Zavalla City Hall located at 242 E. Main Street, Zavalla, Texas 75980.

Mayor Pro-Tern Denita Ross called the meeting to order, established a quorum, and welcome the guest.

Council present was Mayor Pro-Tern Denita Ross, Pam Hooks, Tom Ross, Randall Dykes and Stacey Marshall. Mayor Carlos Guzman was not present. Employee present was Chief Chris Wade. Guest present was Tonya Dykes, Joy Yarbrough, Dawn Garig, Jana Cole and Lisa Seale.

Tom Ross gave the invocation.

Next order of business: Discuss and possibly approve RV Ordinance.

Randall asked what was done.

Denita stated she didn't have anything.

Tom said there isn't anything.

Denita suggests to set up a special call meeting to address RV Ordinance onTuesday 19th of May@ 6 p.m.

Next order of business: Discuss and possibly approve buying a tractor for the City. Pam made the motion to buy the tractor. Tom made the motion to table and Randall second. Motion carried. No opposed. Add this item to the special call meeting Tuesday May 19, 2020.


Chief Chris Wade gave his activity report for the March and April. This were less than normal due to COVID-19. The Police Department has Two Part Time Positions open. Bo Dunkin was leaving the department. Chris has talked to Reserve Billy Barrick about possible part time position. The Police Department had been slammed on Facebook. Chris pulled the state since he went to work for the City of Zavalla. There have been 55 drug warrants. Some of the complaints of burglaries is outside the City Limits. Chris stated he had an open-door policy­anyone can come to his office and he stated his office hours.

The Fire Department is having a Crawfish Boil on May 23, 2020 at the School. They are also having the Fireworks Show on July 3, 2020.

Question? How many positions is in the Police Department? One full time Officer and 4 part-time Officer.

Question? Lady has two properties that have been broken into. Chief Wade and Citizen discuss. She asked what she could do for the City to help.

a. Neighborhood Watch- its Citizen driven not police, but can assist. Mr. JP Hopkins has sign on his truck.

b. Is there a grant the Police Department can get to help educate, etc.

c. Chris stated just be eyes and ears in the Community and report.

d. Can Police educate the Citizens?



Tom- Thanked Chris, making some headway.

Stacy has some questions but no one here to ask. Stacey stated City Hall is closed 2 hours out of the day and switching out people. Thinks all employees should be back at City Hall. Just using the drive thru and keep 6 feet apart. Work 8 hours a day. Time to go back to work. Did water/sewer get done? Tom said sewer has not, but water has. It's been 3 months. Do we need to hire other people to do it and not pay someone full time to not do it? Leak on North 15t street? Citizen came to the last meeting. Is it fixed?

Randall agrees with Stacey.

Denita agrees with Stacey. Things are not being done. Tome works on Saturday with the water department and there is a lot of babysitting. Next Tuesday will be patching roads.

Next order of business: Discuss and possibly approve February 2020 minutes.

It should have been March not February. This item will have to be put on next month's agenda.

Next order of business: Discuss and possibly approve May 2020 bills. Denita made the motion to pay all bills except Check #9637, 9016 and 9680. Tom second, motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:06 p.m.

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