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1 Call meeting to order

2. Establish a quorum

3. Welcome guest

4. Invocation

5. OpenForum


6. Zavalla Volunteer Fire Department Report

7. Ray Vann to discuss Section 3goals of the CDBG program as re Texas Department of Agriculture Contract #7220530.

8. Discuss and possibly approve reducing Wendy Hilton's water bill for the month of September 2022 and October 2022.

9. CindyBailey-CityBusiness,waterdepartment.

10. Phillip Morrell wants to discuss water and sewer bill and about replacing water meter. 1. Sue Morrell would like to get permission to look about 5 years back copies or water and

sewer bill and replace water meter.

12. Discuss and possibly approve a method of communication to the public.

13. Discuss and possibly approve the official face book page administrator roles.

14. Discuss moving forward from here, what is the next step in creating a future plan or long-term goal forimprovement. Such as a new well, fixing current wells or upgrading infrastructure.

15. Discuss and possibly approve moving city council meeting to Monday or another day that is more convenient for the entire city.

16. Discuss and possibly approve replacing the refrigerator for the Police Department.

17. Discuss and possibly approve some type of action on fixingtheWater Department black

truck's transmission.

18. Discuss and possibly approve to start recording and storing (by video, vocal or both) the city council meetings.

19. Discuss and possibly approve special called meeting September 27, 2022 minutes.

20. Discuss and possibly approve regular meeting October 11, 2022 minutes.

21. Discuss and possibly approve regular meeting November 8, 2022 minutes.

22. Discuss and possibly approve emergency called meeting November 2, 2022 minutes. 23. Discuss and possibly approve special meeting December 1, 2022 minutes.

24. Discuss and possibly approve December 2022 bills. 25. Staff Report

26. Enter into Executive session to consider allegations made in last meeting against City Secrerary.

27. Meeting Adjourn


The City of Zavalla Council reserves the right to adjourn into executive session at anytime

during the course of this meeting to discuss any of the matters listed below, as authorized by the Texas Government Code Sections:

a. 551.071 Consultation with City Attorney

b. 551.072 Deliberation about Real Property

.c 551.073 Deliberation about Gifts and Donation

d. 551.074 Personnel Matters

e. 551.075 Economic Development Matters

NOTE: Mayor and Council Reports on Items of Community Interest-Pursuant to Texas Government Code Sections 551.415, The City Council may report on the following items: (1) expression of thanks, congratulation or condolences; (2) information about holiday schedules; (3) recognition of individuals; (4) reminders about upcoming City Council Events; (5) information on community events; (6) announcement involving imminent threat to public health and safety.

I certify that this Notice of Meeting was posted ni a glass-enclosed case in front of City Hall located at 242 E. Main Street, Zavalla, Texas available for viewing by the public on the City' Website at on December 9, 2022 at 3 : 0 0 p , m .

Carlos Guzman


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